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USA Main dealer in the east

          Butler & Smith Trading Corp.
                    117 West 63rd Sreet, New York 23, N.Y.

                  change of address to

          Butler & Smith, Inc.
                   160 West 83rd Street, New York 24, N.Y.

  USA Main dealer in the west

          Flanders Company
                  200 W. Walnut Street, Passadena 3, California.

Canadian Main dealer

        NSU of Canada Ltd.
                   434 St. Helen St. Montreal 2, Quebec

                 change of address to

        NSU Of Canada Ltd.
                  4731 Papineau Avenue, Montreal, Quebec

                 canadian dealer ? pic here

Car dealers
       Fadex Commerical Corp.
                  Executive offices and showroomms, Dept. N5A, 487 Park Avenue, New York 22, New York.
                                     Dept. changed several times  RT1, NY11, SC1.

        Transcontinental Motors, Inc.
               230 Park Ave.(#1416), New York 17, New York.

        Lugwig Motor Corporation.
               421 East 91st Street, New York 28, New York.

        Overseas Motors, Inc.
               32400 Plymouth Road, Livonia, Michigan. 48180

        ibs Auto Importers, inc.
               506 Plaster Ave. Atlanta, Georgia  30324 / (404) 876-5794

        Max's Imports.
               1207 Old Colony Rd. Tracy.    phone 238-3148

Other dealers

         Hap Jones Distributing Co.
                 2 Clint Park, San Francisco 3, Calfornia.                         click here for more
                                       Agent for prima scooters
                                                 Motorcycle Hall of Fame
                     Now at  25583 Gateway Blvd in Tracy, CA 95377

         NSU Cycle Products Of The USA Inc.
                5711 Boulevard East, West New York, N.J.

        NSU Cycle Products of USA Inc.
               Dept. C.  204 Alantic Ave.  Boston, Massachusetts

         Cycle Products of USA Inc.
               80 Broad St. Boston, Massachusetts.


        Malone's cycle shop,  Nashville
2nd Ave. So. at Carroll - Malone's Cycle Shop was located on 2nd Ave. and sold many teenagers their first motorcycle in the 1960's. Lafayette Street can be seen in the distance. The building to the right of  Malone's is the old Capitol Theater building. This photo was taken in 1961.  Malone's then moved to 248 Hermitage Ave. Nashville.
(source: Metro Nashville Archives)
  photocopy of a C28 conversion kit sold by Malone's for a NSU Max

        Sonny Angel Motorcycles
             34 East 18th Street, National City, Calfornia. 91950
Sonny's website

       Cycle Center
                       also known as
             Floyd's Motor Sales
                6421 Maines Road, St. Petersburg, Florida.

       Providence Motorcycle Outlet
                314 Broad St. Providence 7, Rhode Island.

       Westside Motorcycle
               Eugene, Oregon.  PH.DI 5-7622 _ 600 HWY, 99 N
                           CR Saville, Owner

       Millers Cycle Shop
             439 State Road, Palmerton, Pennsylvania. 2319