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Pat McHenry
Pat McHenry was only a spectator in ’53. He was a young drag racer, but after seeing the action at Santa Fe, he traded in his ’48 Panhead and picked up a ’26 Indian Scout.
 He remembers, “We didn’t pay any entry fee, just bought the pro license. When I started beating the experts, during my second year, I bought a ’37 Sport Scout for $200.00. In ’55, I set a few track records and finally won the track championship in ’58 and ’59. In 1959 they changed the rule to 250’s, so I put a NSU MAX engine in the Indian frame. I had a cam made, removed 8 pounds from the flywheel and changed the valve springs. I finished 3rd in two nationals. They started the TT races in the early sixties and I rode them also. I quit in 1964 and I went out as a winner.”